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Kat gets to 💃 through life as the founder of TRUST Climate Action Strategists, TEDx Organizer & world ☮️ advocate.

♻️ she activate networks to identify climate solutions. What she does: 💥 A Climate Reality Leader/mentor since 2013 in Chicago. 👣 Activist: walked across the country (USA) in the Great March for Climate Action from LA to DC from March to November in 2014 and was arrested on November 4, 2014 protesting the rubber-stamping of fracking infrastructure at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission HQ in DC. 🐅 ☮️ Promotor of World Peace as the Charter president of the virtual global WE Rotary International Peace Club in 2014, planting HEIWA Rotary Hiroshima Survivor Peace Trees. ✅ ⛷️ Competed for the 1988 Calgary Olympics in aerial freestyle skiing. Special trick: a quadruple daffy (4 splits 75 feet in the air). 🏅 🏴‍☠️ Mentors with Moonshot Pirates & World Pulse. 🏳️‍🌈 ❤️🐸 Inspires teens & young professionals for world wilderness conservation, serving on the WILD Foundation Board of Directors for 15 years. 🦋 🕒 In 2020 lockdown, curated & produced 28 "pause...COUNTDOWN: COVID Clues, Climate Acts, Local Impacts" online conversations with elders, youth, indigenous, Xperts, CEO's, NGO execs. 🇺🇸 💜 TEDxVail Organizer since 2009. The top talk has racked up 2.7 million views (& counting)! 💚 🌞 Affinity rep alluring recreationalists to see clearly with sunglasses & goggles. ⛷️ Handy links: 💡TEDxVail Follow @TEDxVail on IG & Twitter & Facebook & YouTube & - all our TEDx talks are on YouTube /

💃 Great March for Climate Action ☮️ 📲 DM her on LinkedIn & Facebook 💥

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Kat Haber

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