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I now spend my time owrking with others, especially disadvantaged or disengaged young people, biut atually anybody who knows that there's somehing better that they can do. Now I speak at conferences, speak to schools and students, coach TEDx speakers to help them deliver great talks, and also host conferences and TEDx events.

I love helping people challenge the limiting assumptions they make around them, find their inner spark and then watching it ignite. It inspires and humbles me to see the people I have worked with create a better future for themselves and others.

By way of background, I had a hard childhood (though I didnlt relaise it at the time) and, having done well at school went to a decent University in Bristol, UK where I studied economics and, working in stores in my 'spare time' I encountered and developed the skill in selling. Career from there: Chartered Accountant, then into Real Estate (the small company I joined created major areas in London England) then trough Tech (I co-created a tech co form 2 of us to 150) then to education where I was one of the team to really change the paradigm of what makes a great school and its building.


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