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I want to be known as the guy who changes the life of ten people, every week.

As former TEDxAmbassador and faculty Coach at Singularity University, I live this privileged life of working with- and learning from some of the most inspiring personalities in the world. In the past 12 years, I was involved in over 100 TEDx conferences and speakercoached about 1500 top calibers. Over the time, I have not only seen a lot of things on a stage working (and not working), but also learned from my coachees.

In my coachings and trainings,
I can help you enhance or better understand:

• Exponential Growth Strategies

• The Art of Experiment

• The Mindset of a Datacompany

• The Anatomy of an Idea

• Public Speaking and Storytelling

• Hosting and Event Curation

Part of your Membership is one complimentary session per month

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