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Progress is an intriguing goal. However it is pressure for a few, as well. A call for progress often feels like a call for competition. Competition with self or competition with others: "are others further in the progress than me?" "should I already be further in the progress?" "Should I feel bad if I am not?". First and foremost: understand that everyone works and functions on their own clock. There is no behind or ahead unless you don't quit. This community is here to make sure you will never quit. Because everyone in here is available to everyone in here - to share insights, give structure, kick ass or just - listen. By there way: there is no fee - and never will there be a fee to be part of THIS community. Welcome to the Accountability Den.


Each Sunday night, we will meet on a 10 Minutes zoom to find our Accountability Buddy for the coming 7 days.

What is the job of the Accountability Buddy of the week?

Send one email, every day, asking two questions:

1) How are you doing today?

2) How is your progress today?

And if you receive this email, answer it. There is no need to keep the email thread coming. It is good enough to send, receive, answer. Sometimes just receiving is already good enough. Do not be upset if you sent this mail and will not receive an answer. Your mail has been received and done its job.

The weekly Accountability Buddy find each other on this simple google sheet.


Next Meeting: 

Tuesday Sep 20st, 10am - 12pm PST

Find your Dot Workshop


• Calibration

• Find Clarity Session

• Find your Dot

• next Action committment

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